The Contemporary Art Exhibition

Look, Hand, Spirit: A sensory odyssey in the world of rum

Série Portrait - Antoine Poupel

The photographer, master of images, captured the very essence of sugar cane plantations bathed in golden light, green fields swaying in the tropical wind, and factories where sweet nectar is transformed into a liquid symphony.

Sculpteur pierre

The sculptor, a virtuoso of the material, gave life at agrave; scenes through his tactile creations. His skillful hands modeled the earth to shape works that resonate with the authenticity of the world. of our history, capturing the palpable energy of the cane fields, the strength of the workers and the insight of the cane fields. of our projections.

Réflexion champ de canne

Spaces for reflection and contemplation will evoke the cultural, historical and philosophical nuances linked to this Everyone's drink, inviting the visitor to drink; Explore the depths of meaning behind each amber drop.

An exhibition of contemporary artists, A subject that brings together all stakeholders, A common thread in the rooms of the Palais Brongniart.

VICTOR ANICET, Ceramist Artist

visionary artist, will bring a new dimension to the event thanks to his captivating works of art which will be exhibited for the first time at RUM SUMMIT.

His unbridled creativity and striking use of shapes, colors and materials will transport visitors into a universe full of wonder.

His exclusive participation at RUM SUMMIT will allow guests to discover a unique artistic dimension in its kind, thus enhancing the captivating atmosphere of the Rum Ecosystem.

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Victor AnicetCéramique Victor Anicet

ANTOINE POUPEL, Photographer

Antoine Poupel or how to accurately portray the emotion of the moment

If he enters a rum store, it is to reveal the sensations generated by this unique place. His images do not represent, they present in a singular way. Under Poupel's lens, beauty reveals itself as unpredictable, as unexpected. There lies the talent of this artist, capturing the fleeting...

Without being on the lookout, letting the precious moment come, the one which, seemingly insignificant, will say a lot... Seize the moment , imagination in control, becoming a scenario seer, such is the artist's postulate. He has this gift of acclimatizing reality, drawing it into his abundant imagination, often in a fictional mode.

Anne Marie Sudry psychoanalyst

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Antoine PoupelUne salle emplie de fûts d’où se dégage une douce odeur de rhum

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