Sommet International du Rhum


may 03 – 04 – 05 2023

Sommet International du Rhum


may 03 – 04 – 05 2023

SIR 2023

The International Rum Summit,
First major event of the sector
to be held in GUADELOUPE F.W.I

The International Rum Summit,
First major event of the sector
to be held in GUADELOUPE F.W.I

international summit

of the rum sector


The Caribbean region has seen the birth of a « brandy » also called « rum », made either by distillation of fermented products or sugar cane juice. Today, many countries in the world produce it, but it is its land of origin that could better tell its story…

Le SIR 2023

Much more than a Summit, it is the biggest meeting of decision makers in the Rum industry: Institutions, Producers, Distributors…
Three days of debates, conferences, keynotes, networking forming a coherent program with high added value:

The presence of international governmental institutions for a presentation of their public policy around the sector.

The presence of international actors of the sector for business objectives in an innovation context.

The presence of individual actors for a sharing of skills and expertise around an exceptional product


SIR 2023
SIR 2023


  • Consultation, dialogues and international agreements between all the actors of the sector
  •  Identification of the obstacles to the development of the sector
  •  Development of productions
  •  Communication of information to the actors of the sector
  •  Presentation of innovations in the sector
SIR 2023
SIR 2023


  • Development of the industry around the rum sector
  • Presentation of their support policy to the sector
  • Regulations and international policies (legislation, taxation, customs…)
  • Presentation of their expectations in terms of development
  • Meeting and exchange with the significant international actors
  • Collection of information for dissemination.
SIR 2023
SIR 2023


  • Presentation and highlighting of innovations in the sector
  • Presentation and highlighting of start-ups contributing to the development of rum production
  • Meeting and exchange with the institutions
  • Presentation of the difficulties and obstacles to the expansion of the activity
  • Presentation of their markets
  • Highlighting of business opportunities
  • Organization of meetings between buyers and distributors
SIR 2023
SIR 2023


  • Exchange with producers
  • Discovery of new markets
  • Exchange with new international buyers
  • Discussion with institutions about public policies
SIR 2023
SIR 2023


  • Participation in the creation of a university course and prestigious universities around the sector
  • Setting up training for an international public
  • Promotion of trade exchange
  • Presentation of the social and environmental perspectives of the sector
  • Placing employment at the heart of development strategies
  • Re-appropriation of the sector by the younger generations



Institutional & International Politics

Institutional & International Politics

- Ministries of Agriculture of producing countries
- Ministries of Economy and Finance of producing countries
- Ministries of Education
- Ministries of Employment
- Ministries of Foreign Affairs
- Ministry of Overseas Territories
- Presidency of local authorities in the overseas territories
- Chambers of Agriculture & agricultural organisations.

Economic actors of the sector

Economic actors of the sector

- Producers & Distributors
- Manufacturers & Suppliers
- Certifiers & Laboratories
- Financial Institutions
- Development Banks
- Importers & Exporters from consumer markets
- Main buyers from different countries
- Supply chain managers

Informed Public

Informed Public

- Professionals
- Lovers of great vintages
- The world of education
- The academic world
- The consulting world
- The professional press
- The media
- Amateur clubs
- Influencers


rum, an exceptional product

The exponential growth of the rum industry in recent years has undoubtedly surprised all the global players in the spirits industry, who understand the need to invest and to look for ways to perpetuate the know-how of this premium product. All indicators point to the fact that the rum industry will continue to grow and the International Rum Summit will pave the way for training in the rum industry in universities, for an international audience, following the example of oenology training.

the rum sector

The International Rum Summit which will be held in May 2023 in Guadeloupe, a high place of historical, emblematic and ancestral know-how, will bring together all the international actors and institutions of the rum sector. The SIR 2023 is intended to be the meeting place that allows to highlight, develop, and blow a wind of innovation on the rum sector.

The SIR 2023 is destined to become the essential meeting place and facilitator of economic, industrial, social and political opportunities for the international Rum sector.

sustainable development

The SIR 2023 refocuses the Rum industry in a context of sustainable development and respect for the climate. Only an eco-responsible approach and committed actors will allow the perpetuation of a clean and profitable Rum industry. This orientation will place this exceptional product in the 1st place of spirits. The meeting of all these actors committed to a sustainable approach of the sector will create a synergy, already in progress by the strong dynamism of the Rum sector, to give back to Rum its credentials.

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